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For technical support please contact us at support@gowsb.com

What do Android users need to do?

Download from Google Play Store

What do iOS users need to do?

Download the app from iOS App Store

How much does the application cost?

Nothing it is completely free!

Head Teacher Questions

I have locations where the route goes off road. Is there a way to map that?

Currently, there is not a way to map a route Google maps does not recognise. These can be reported through their maps app.

Is it possible to give different users varied degrees of access?

There are three user tiers in the application:

Does the app have a way to record daily attendance for each route?

At the moment this is available in our database, we are working on a way to make this available to schools.

Can the route coordinator take attendance or "mark" which students are walking each day as the route walks?

Parents at the moment take attendance by adding their children to the route. We are looking into adding registers to the app.

What information does the application store?

The app stores a psuedonym for the child's name and where they are supposed to "get on" the bus. The application does not store any contact information for the child.

Coordinator Questions

Do I just have to have the app open?

No, when tracking the app can be locked and put in your pocket.

Do I need to enter kids walking with me?

No the parents enter their own children. The coordinator can then see the children on their route.

Do the parents see where I am all the time?

No, the coordinator will only be able to see you when you press the Start button when you open the map screen. You can stop them from being able to see you by pressing the Stop button.

Other Questions

Do we need a separate account for each school?

At the moment each login can only be attached to one school.

Is there a website we can track the bus on?

The goWSB tracking is only available on iOS and Android devices at the moment.

Is there a way for data about each daily WSB route to be exported out of the app for analysis into another program such as an excel file etc.?

Sadly there is no way to export your data at the moment, however some of this information is available on request.

Is there a way to send a recurring message to coordinators every morning as a reminder to turn on tracking and record which children are walking?

No this has been removed from the application in previous versions but we can add it back in.